“Working with Sharon as an all-in-one producer and editor for my podcast has been a DREAM. I have zero stress about the quality or timeliness of delivery for each episode and on occasion when we have had last-minute schedule changes she has been incredibly accommodating. I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough for anyone that needs a dependable, trustworthy and detail-oriented producer to handle all aspects of their podcast production.”

Andrea Nordling

The Profitable Nutritionist

“Sharon is an incredible producer who is always dependable, communicative and keeps the show running on point – but she’s SO much more than that. She’s also an integral part of my team, she cares deeply about our success, and she keeps things easy, fun, and lighthearted while helping us stay ahead of schedule.

I recommend her to all my peers and clients because I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Melanie Childers

The Bad B*tch Entrepreneur

“Sharon Tousley has been my podcast producer for the past year and she is a pleasure. I had no experience in podcasting and she has been an invaluable guide. She’s accessible, thorough and on top of her game. I am currently working on my second podcast and there’s nobody else I would want to work with. She’s simply a delight!”

Sabra Staudenmaier

Banishing Mom Burnout

“Sharon helped me transition my podcast from doing it in-home to professionally done. She let me be finicky and share with her my expectations without making it a problem. She gets my podcast edited and out on time every single week, is forgiving when I forget to get her something from my end, and is always professional (i.e. excellent customer service!). I highly recommend working with her and have referred others to her already knowing they will be in great hands. Thank you Sharon!”

Paige Bowman

Weight Loss for Life Coaches

“Sharon was recommended to me at the perfect time. I was working with another company to host and edit my podcast, and after a number of significant and unfortunate circumstances with this other company, I asked around and received Sharon’s contact. From the beginning, Sharon was warm, welcoming, accommodating, and incredibly knowledgeable. She continuously provides valuable feedback above and beyond her services. I have felt supported by Sharon from the jump and I feel like I have an authentic cheerleader guiding me through this process. I could not be happier with Sharon as my podcast editor and I am so grateful to have been connected with her!”

Lindsay Bednar

Storytelling with Lindsay Bednar

“I thank my lucky stars that Sharon is on my ‘podcast team!’ She is deeply knowledgeable, professional, accurate, and a great communicator. She always sets expectations and delivers against expectations – no exceptions. She distinguishes herself from others in this field by a wide margin. She is a true treasure.”

Linda Rossetti

Destination Unknown: A Field Guide

“Working with Sharon has been nothing short of fabulous. I have found her to be professional and efficient. From the start of our professional relationship, she understood my needs and that ensuring that my podcasts are out the door and published in a timely manner is of upmost importance. She is available for a conversation to go over items that need discussing rather than through email and makes sure that we are both on the same page.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone that wants to make sure that their podcasts get the ‘love and attention’ that they deserve.”

Terry Yoffe

Extraordinary Work: Conversations about Creating Change

“Sharon and Podcast Prowess have been a pivotal component of Evolved Education Company’s podcasts. In addition to being the consummate professional, Sharon is also an amazing collaborator who is steadily attuned and responsive to our specific needs and questions. She handles the task of priming our monthly recordings for publishing and has done so by every deadline given. In addition to being a wonderful and communicative person, she’s an incredibly valuable asset to have within any business.”

Mary Miele

Evolved Education

“Working with Sharon is truly a pleasure – she knows the podcast world very well – and patiently walked me through all that needed to happen to get my Best Boss Bootcamp podcast out to the world. She is efficient, knowledgeable, responsive, and on top of all aspects of the podcast production game.  Highly recommend working with Sharon – she really is outstanding!”

Danny Ceballos

The Best Boss Bootcamp Podcast

“There was so much about podcast technology that I was unfamiliar with, but Sharon makes the process simple and seamless.

Having Sharon produce my podcast has been a huge time saver for me. My schedule is packed with client calls and having her help with the production and all the ins and outs on the back end is such a relief.”

Mikki Gardner

Co-Parenting with Confidence

“I loved working with Sharon. She is super conscientious and gets everything done on time. She is great about checking in about upcoming plans for my podcast because she likes to make sure everything gets produced on time.  Working with her is so easy!  The podcast always sounds great and she’s a great teacher. If you don’t understand something, ask her. She also does a great job with all the tech needed to have your own podcast.  I highly recommend her.”

Dawn Ziegerer

Love After Divorce

I am grateful every day I hired her!

I hired Sharon Tousley to help get my podcast off the ground last year. I was brand new to podcasting, didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and leaned on her expert advice to get my podcast out into the world.

My podcast is about infidelity, and as I went through the interviewing process, I wanted a specific type of person editing my show. Sharon was that person. I trust her. I have a sense of camaraderie with her- not just because she edits my show, but because of the person she is. She is a great cheerleader, and we celebrate every milestone together as my podcast grows. With her help, my 6.5 month podcast already has over 20k downloads.

I was so nervous to start a podcast and Sharon made it easy. She was so clear about what she needed to get it going, and then she took care of the rest. Even though I felt like an amateur, she never treated me like one. She is patient and kind in her explanation of the whole podcast experience, and made me feel comfortable while doing something scary and new.

If you are considering hiring Sharon, take the leap. She knows her stuff, is very reasonably priced, works fast, and truly cares about her clients. She wants them to succeed and is a total team player in helping your podcast be a success.

Thank you, Sharon for helping me get my work out into the world!! I am so grateful for you!

Andrea Giles

Heal from Infidelity

“Sharon has produced our podcast Anxiety Connection from the very beginning and she is an essential part of our team. She’s knowledgeable, personable, and makes the process of podcasting fun and easy.

Sharon was also an integral part of the team that created my CD Creating A Calm Day. Her expertise helped us produce a CD I’m proud to have my name on.

I find Sharon a pleasure to work with. She’s supportive, responsive and dependable. I feel really lucky to have Sharon on my team. You will too.”

Wendy Leeds

Anxiety Connection

“Our organization has been working with Sharon Tousley on our podcast series Profiles in LGBTQ+ Courage, and all the while she has proven to be an invaluable part of our podcast production! Her proactive and timely emails help to keep us on schedule, and her editing skills make our podcasts polished and professional. Because of her expertise and knowledge of the “podcasting world,” she has seamlessly placed our podcast series on all the popular platforms, making it available to a larger audience. Plus, Sharon’s friendly demeanor and supportive attitude has made working with her such a pleasant experience… I can’t recommend her enough!”

Joe Lima

Profiles in LGBTQ+ Courage

“Sharon is the consummate podcast producer! In recent months, she’s worked closely with me and my colleagues at PFLAG – Cape Cod to help us launch our podcast series, Profiles in LGBTQ+ Courage. It’s a series that now enjoys access worldwide on a variety of podcast directories, thanks to Sharon’s helpful recommendations about how to position the series for maximum impact and audience reach. Sharon is diligent, thorough, and a joy to work with. I recommend her highly as a business partner and podcast producer!”

Rick Koonce

Profiles in LGBTQ+ Courage

“I have worked deeply with Sharon Tousley for the past three years. She has been my dedicated social consultant, posting information from my book, Raise Your Visibility & Value and from my upcoming book, Drive Your Career, on an ongoing basis on Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, and my website www.excellius.com. She produces a weekly newsletter and does endless marketing efforts on my behalf, many of her own idea. Sharon recently began producing my weekly podcast, Be Brave @ Work, and she is doing a great job!. Sharon is a high-quality, dedicated, and detailed partner in my work, and I significantly appreciate all of her help and assistance.”

Ed Evarts

Be Brave at Work

“Sharon Tousley provides excellent, turnkey podcast production and support. I get to do what I love–interview interesting people–and then she makes the behind-the-scenes magic happen! She’s never missed a deadline, provides outstanding support, and I count on her to keep me current in the changing environment. I highly recommend her!”

Mary Byers, CAE, CSP

Successful Associations Today

“As the quintessential solopreneur, there are many things I know I don’t want to learn how to do that contribute to marketing my business. Doing all of the “back end” stuff for a podcast is included on that list. Thank goodness for Podcast Prowess! I get to do what I love and share ideas on my Dare to Be Deliberate podcast and Sharon takes it from there – making sure it sounds great, is delivered to all of the channels including my website. She even gives me the nudges I need to stay on track and consistent!”

Angee Linsey

Dare to Be Deliberate

“Sharon has been my virtual assistant for almost 10 years helping me with my newsletter set up and delivery, social media posts, new client communication and set up, and miscellaneous projects. She takes the initiative with projects making my life easier. She always brings new thoughts and suggestions to our work together. She has a wonderfully calm demeanor and is extremely trustworthy. She is also good with communicating if she has concerns. I highly recommend Sharon as a support for you and your business so that you can focus on the things you love to do.”

Andrea Novakowski

Hall-of-Fame Master Certified Coach, CoachAndrea.com

“Sharon is an amazing podcast adviser! She gets it! She knows what we need to do to get people listening to our podcast! I highly recommend her!!!! She will get your podcast heard and listed in the right places so people find your podcast. Don’t think … just hire her!”

Justin Tamsett

The Fitness Business Podcast

“Sharon has supported me through a series of podcast shows via BlogTalkRadio, Internet Radio and “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes in Business. I am a speaker and coach with very limited technical savvy. Working with Sharon, I could put my focus on contact and developing a great guest list. Sharon would then provide support to the guests, set up the podcasting calendar, create a social media buzz on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. While on Internet Radio – I had a sponsor. Sharon did a fabulous job of giving them what they needed to support the show. If you are even contemplating podcasting or Internet Radio—talk to Sharon! She makes it easy!

Sharon is an amazing person.  I trust her like a sister! Her work on social media, blogging assistance and anything else I throw at her — always exceeds my expectations. She has wonderful communication skills and can speak for me to clients. She is a great designer so has the eye, and the knowledge, to create wonderful marketing materials. When I feel swamped — her sense of humor helps me through.”

Wendy Hanson

Co-Founder/COO, BetterManager, Building Better Managers

Interview with Dr. Laura Brayton on The Chiropractic Philanthropist with Dr. Ed Osburn
Episode #80 on January 11, 2015 (Transcript below)

Dr. Ed: “What was the first thing that you did when you decided you wanted to start a podcast?”

Dr. Laura: “I thought about it for longer than I’d like to admit. It was scary. There are not a lot of things in my life that kind of intimidate me, but actually believe it or not starting a podcast was intimidating, because I’m not a techie person and I had never worked in front of a microphone before or anything like that. But I knew that I had to get this message out, and that finally pushed me to like okay I have to figure this out. So the way I did that was I found a virtual assistant who knew how to produce podcasts. This woman, she’s in Texas, literally held my hand through the entire process of how to start and create this podcast. Once we got going I was like wow this is really easy and what was I waiting for and why was I so afraid. But that was it for me. If you’re not experienced with how to, I had never even used Conference Call or Skype or anything like that before, so if you don’t know how to do that or post things to iTunes I recommend just hiring someone who does and then they can walk you through the process.”

Dr. Laura Brayton

Well-Adjusted Mama